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What documents are required before departure?

You have to show up at the port the day of the departure with: the copy of the purchased ticket, a valid passport and the authentic vehicle registration certificate.

Can I travel with a car, which is not of my property?

Yes, it’s possible to travel with a car which is property of another person or of a company. If this person is not present the day of the departure, you must have a delegation of the owner on white paper.

With the ticket, that I’ve received, can I go directly to the embarkation or should I go to the ticket office?

The ticket, that you have received through e-mail, is already the definitive one. You only have to print it and take it with you.

If I change the car, can I modify my booking with the new vehicle?

Yes, it’s possible to change the car and the license plate on the tickets before the outward journey. It may have to pay 25 Euros of change fees and/or the possible difference in fares.

Should I notify the new passport number?

It would be better to enter all the correct data in the booking. If possible, we will do the change also on the already confirmed and issued ticket.

How can I change my booking if I can’t leave?

Once you’re sure that you can’t leave on the booked day, you have to contact our call center at the phone number 0255231592 or send an e-mail at info@sncm.it and ask for the modification.

Can I purchase a ticket on two different crossings?

Yes, it’s possible to purchase a round-trip ticket on two different crossings.

Can I have a refund of my ticket?

If you have bought a non-refundable fare, it will not be possible. Instead, if you have bought a refundable fare and you cancelled the ticket before the outward journey, it will be possible to have a partial refund, deducted the cancellation fees according to the Regulations of the shipping company.

How do I pay for my booking?

You can pay your booking in different ways: bank transfer, credit card or directly by cash at our offices in Milan.

How can I recognize the different types of cabin?

On board of the Algerie Ferries’ ships you can find 3 different types of accommodation: first-class cabin, economy class cabin and seats. First-class cabins (code: A or B) have the bathroom with shower and wc and they can be interior or exterior. The economy class cabins (code: S), instead, have only a washbasin inside, are interior and the meals are not included. The seats are placed in a hall and aren’t numbered. Also with this kind of accommodation, the meals are not included.

How can I calculate the age of the children?

The children between 0 and 2 years old are considered as “Infants”. They don’t need to be assigned to a cabin or seat and they’re free of charge. Instead, children from 3 to 11 years old pay and they benefit from the reductions according the regulations of the company. Once they’re 12 years old, they pay as an adult.

Can I take pets onboard?

Non-dangerous animals are allowed on our ships. They must have all the necessary certificates, passports and vaccination that comply with the regulations for travelling to Algeria. Dogs will spend the crossing in a dedicated and air-conditioned pet’s area near the garages.
For more information we suggest you to see the regulations at the Embassy or Consulate of Algeria in Italy.

Height of vehicles?

All the vehicles until 2 m high are considered as “passenger cars”. Over 2 m and up to 2,30 m high may be required to pay at the port a surcharge of 60 Euros. Over 2,30 m high or 6 m length your vehicle is considered a van.

How early should I be at the port?

If you have booked a vehicle, you must be at the port at least 4 hours before the departure. If you are foot passengers 2 hours are enough.

Are meals included in the price?

For all the passengers booked in first-class cabins (category A or B) meals are included. Instead, meals are not included with economy class and seats.

Can I book a freight vehicle?

It’s possible to book freight vehicles but only if they carry your personal property and not on a fee or contract basis. In this case they won’t be embarked.

If I booked online, how can I have my tickets?

Once you have paid through bank transfer, credit card or by cash, you will receive your definitive ticket through e-mail or if asked, we can send it also by mail. Furthermore, you can collect the original copy in our offices in via Tagliamento 3 in Milan.

What is the minimum age for a child travelling alone?

Children are permitted to travel alone from the age of 16.

Can I book an open return?

It’s not possible to book a ticket with an open return but most of the fares allows changes within their validity, paying the change fees and the eventual difference between them.

Are the ferries accessible to disabled / reduced mobility passengers and can you arrange any assistance when boarding?

Our ferries have specially adapted disabled cabins onboard, which are assigned at the check-in. If communicated and requested at the check-in time, they are entitled to have assistance when boarding.