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Welcome on board!

Sncm Italia is a travel agency specialized in maritime bookings. Since its opening on the 1st of August 2000, it was the Italian branch of the French shipping company SNCM, now become CORSICA Linea. Our offices in Milan are the only seat in Italy.

Algerie ferries offers during the entire year regular crossings from Italy, France and Spain to Algeria, docking in 6 different ports: Algeries, Oran, Skikda, Bejaia, Annaba and Mostaganem.

We provide to our passengers one of the most modern fleet of the whole Western Mediterranean Sea.
Algerie Ferries owns 3 ships: the Tariq ibn Ziad, the Tassili II, the El-Djazir II and in the Summer period it also uses a 4th ship, the Elyross, which is rent from the Greek shipping company Anek Line.

On board of our ships you will find all the best comforts and services to start your holiday right away. For example, the cruise ferry Elyross offers hotel services, restaurants, entertainment, a swimming pool, a gym, boutiques, a kiosk, a children’s playground and other attentions to make your trip a unique experience.

Our entire fleet is built around your needs and it’s characterized by a young and modern style, which is combined to a particular attention to quality, safety and speed. All this without forgetting about the environment! In fact, from several years we are active in protecting, respecting and enhancing the Mediterranean, a unique world’s heritage.

You can book and purchase the tickets in different ways: filling out the booking form on our website, sending an e-mail to info@sncm.it, calling us at the phone number 0255231592, coming to our office in via Tagliamento 3 in Milan or, lastly, contacting one of the 3000 affiliated travel agencies, located throughout the European territory.